Sunday, 29 April 2018

Forget About the 4G Ministers, Think 5G instead, like the wireless technology.

Perhaps, Lee Hsien Loong likes it. Perhaps, Singaporeans like it too as 5G means faster speed, better coverage.

4G PAP ministers are a lost generation even Lee himself cannot confirm who will be the fourth Prime Minister of Singapore. It is taking longer than expected to decide and by the time the matter is settled, like mobile technology, the time has arrived for 5th generation leaders.

Perhaps, Lee is waiting for this moment.

While technology is changing so fast, and our so-called PAP leadership renewal is so slow. Perhaps, in wireless technology term, the conservative renewal is at 2G, 2.5G or the most 3G stage.

In Singapore politics, 4G means over protection, no competition, and is motivated by money.

If we look at the education system, 4G means junior college education (A level), limited university places, and scholars centred. 5G see the changes, IB programs, more universities including private universities, and 6-year Integrated Programs. Even these changes may not meet the demand of 5G education demand and requirements.

The world is welcoming 5G. It means business, money and opportunities. However, Lee is trying to use 3G (himself) and 4G technology and education to compete in the world of 5G.  No wonder we have to learn from China how to become a cashless society.

Singapore will be in trouble, even we always talk about technology advancement, efficiency and productivity. Our mindset is still in 2G or 3G. And this 2G or 3G is only restricted to the PAP and their leaders.

The talent pool is limited and exclusive to PAP members. Hence, we see the over protection and no competition of 4G ministers.

Just considering the post of prime minister. In 1G era, besides LKY, we have other potential ministers who can take over the PM post. In 2G, besides Goh Chok Tong, we also have a few selections. But we add in a new condition - no Indian PM. When comes to 3G, the pool is even smaller, in addition to no Indian PM, it seems to be a Lee-only PM. Now, we are at 4G stage, there is no suitable candidate.

Do not forget, Singapore’s first chief minister is not a Chinese. It seems we are moving away from meritocracy. And 4G is a product of such movement. 

From 1G to 4G, Singaporeans are blinded with the white PAP cloth. Will 5G make a change? Or can we move away from the PAP’s G?  

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