Saturday, 5 August 2017

Lee Hsien Loong’s Stupidity: Parliament Self-Defence, Presidential Controversy, Public Mistrust.

It is a well planned stupidity.  Whether the reserved presidential election or self-defence/self declaration of (non)abuse of power in parliament, these are all well planned strategies by top administrators in Singapore. However, when we look at the outcome, perhaps, it is only a self-satisfaction of Lee Hsien Loong.

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Smart people do stupid things.  In fact, it is a reflection of inner self with obvious ill intentions. So much so that it not only puts Singapore in a bad shape but creates internal and external confidence problems. There is only one proclaimed winner, putting own self interest above the nation.

It is very surprise top advisers to Lee Hsien Loong have not studied or smart enough or dare enough to point out the stupidity - definition of first elected president, definition of “malay”,  politics of kinship, appointment of attorney-general, ….

Arguments put forward by Lee Hsien Loong and his advisers are far from convincing. There are full of holes which can only be filled by the authority of one-party state machinery.

Lee Hsien Loong’s stupidity also exposes the quality of his top advisers and our top administrators. Are they under stress? Can they withhold the trust and principle of “without fear and favour”? Can they think and judge Independently? If not, it sad to see they are as stupid as Lee Hsien Loong.  And is there a future for Singapore with such a leadership and teamwork?

We are telling people; be it investors, businessmen, salary workers, or professionals; we are practising double standard. If you are my brothers, you are protected. If your racial status is not right, the government can make it right.  We have a unique system to define who is first and who is second. However, if you are not happy, you can still file a lawsuit in Courts.


  1. You have posed excellent questions.

  2. I question the integrity of any government that keeps shifting the goalposts just to stay in power.