Saturday, 3 June 2017

Localised International events - foreigner partners not allowed at Pink Dot 2017 Singapore

As reported by channelnewsasia,
SINGAPORE: This year's Pink Dot rally at Hong Lim Park will have barricades installed around the perimeter of the event with entry checkpoints manned by security personnel, organisers announced on Tuesday (May 30).

The measures are to comply with recent changes to the Public Order Act that block foreigners from promoting political causes in Singapore, Pink Dot organisers said.

It means that only Singaporeans and permanent residents will be allowed to attend this year’s Pink Dot, which is held in support of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.


It means cross country love is not welcome in Pink Dot 2017. Foreign love partners are not allowed to enter this year’s event because they are not allowed to participate in our domestic politics.

Does it mean all future social and political events at Hong Lim Park will have identity check and security barricades?

Holding events at Hong Lim Park will be very costly if there are no rich sponsors.  

Are we expecting fewer events at Hong Lim Park?

This is somethings beyond Public Order Act.

Perhaps, we are used to this type of manipulation.

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