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Beyond Oxley Road, the moral of the story is FEAR, and perhaps Enlightenment to learn another route.

The Oxley Road House saga is not a simple family affair.  It touches on the future of Singapore beyond the Lee Kuan Yew’s legacy - our future direction, with or without fear as a mean of administration. It is time we learn and enlighten ourselves from this unfortunate development.    

What has happened to Lee Kuan Yew’s values?# A joint statement issued by Dr Lee Wei Ling and Lee Hsien Yang reminds us to think over and again how we progress in the past 50/60 years as well as the mistakes we made at the same time.

For ordinary citizens, especially, critics and opposition members, fear is a common challenge in the past and in the present. We need to revalue LKY’s legacy to see how to remove the fear factor, with or without Lee Hsien Loong in the future.

PM Lee Hsien Loong claims the statement contains untrue allegations. However, in some countries, these allegations will lead to Parliament investigations or Congressional enquiry. Here are some examples:

Source: internet     

Some of the allegations in the statement:

  • We were shocked to see that Hsien Loong had used his position as Prime Minister to obtain a copy of the Deed of Gift from Minister Lawrence Wong

  • Hsien Loong’s then personal lawyer, Lucien Wong. Lucien Wong was made Singapore’s Attorney-General in January 2017.

  • Hsien Loong, despite his undertakings to recuse himself, proceeded to make extensive representations to the Committee.

  • the role of his wife, Ho Ching. Ho Ching holds no elected or official position in government, her influence is pervasive, and extends well beyond her job purview.

  • He (LHL) wanted to assert in Parliament that Lee Kuan Yew had changed his mind, hoping to inherit the faith Singaporeans had in Lee Kuan Yew through the visible symbol of the house.

Do we want to continue living the same way without changes? Shall we enlighten ourselves from the Lee Kuan Yew’s legacy?  After so many rounds of general elections, the parliament still cannot help Singaporeans to remove their fear. Is this a legacy we want to keep?

FEAR#1    The Future of Singapore
In the statement, Wei Ling and Hsien Yang are worrying about Singapore.
Without Lee Kuan Yew, especially his values, what is our future? Our direction and principles?

FEAR#2    Loss of Lee Kuan Yew’s Spirit and Value
The statement seems to suggest PM Lee Hsien Loong cannot be trusted to carry on LKY’s values.
We have to re-visit LKY’s values and make improvements.  If we are satisfied with his values, the fear factors will not go away.  Singaporeans, therefore, need enlightenment from Lee Kuan Yew’ s legacy.

FEAR#3    Lack of Checks and Balances
The statement also mentions about “We are concerned that the system has few checks and balances to prevent the abuse of government.”  For too long, Singapore’s one-party rule has contributed to the lack of checks and balances. If we have no confidence on PM Lee Hsien Loong, we need to find a solution or an alternative.  

FEAR#4    Interventions
Without checks and balances, interventions of government affairs or appointments can be expected. The statement gives some examples. (see above allegations)  

FEAR#5    Personal Safety
It is clear that ‘Hsien Yang feels compelled to leave Singapore’. It can be due to personal safety or unhappy living here under a ‘big brother omnipresent’.
The statement says “We feel hugely uncomfortable and closely monitored in our own country.”
People within the establishment are under ‘closely monitored’, what about ordinary people?

FEAR#6    4th Generation Leadership
The statement implies that the so-called succession plan of fourth generation leadership of Singapore is a flaw - “We also believe, based on our interactions, that they harbour political ambitions for their son, Li Hongyi.”
The succession plan maybe just a ‘wayang’ - a plan to confuse Singaporeans.  
If this is true, voters will need to be enlightened.

FEAR#7    Further control on social media
The statement is using Facebook to reach the public. The mainstream media has no control over the full text but can choose what to publish. Certainly, this is not a fake news.
What will be the next step for PM Lee to contain and control social media?  

This is well beyond the Lee Kuan Yew’s legacy.

Singaporeans have to decide.

# You can read the full statement here

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