Sunday, 9 June 2013

At least we have options of colours for our flats under Workers’ Party

[Looking at the new MDA licensing for internet, it means you have less options and perhaps only one option - the ‘right thing’ media. So, it is important to have strong oppositions in the Parliament to increase the options or best still a change of government. ]    
There are quite a number of flats that need a fresh look under the Repair and Redecoration programme at Paya Lebar estate. The money, of course, comes from the sinking fund – part of the monthly maintenance fees that we pay to the town council.

I believe this is the first time residents will have the options to select the colours of our flats.  Under the PAP town council, decision was made under the group thinking of grassroots leaders, CCC, RC and MPs.  They made decisions on our behalf and the contractors carried out the painting accordingly.      

Now, you compare this to the new MDA licensing. The government wants you to read the “right things” and there is a group of officials who will decide the “right things” for you.  You have no options like the residents of the old (PAP) Aljunied TC. The TC made the decision and chose the “right colours” for residents.

Yes, it is very efficient and even very environment friendly (there is no need to print the option forms). But is it the “right colours” that are preferred by the residents?

I am not saying by giving 4 options (see below) the WP is doing the excellent work.  At least, there are options and WP knows that there are improvements to be made. And surely, if there are good and better suggestions, WP town council will listen and make improvements.

In the eyes of the PAP, options are bad and less efficient for decision making.

The new MDA licensing and future changes in rules and regulations regarding social media reporting on Singapore news will leave netizens with one option – the right news.  And the persons who decide the right news are not independent, certainly not the netizens themselves.

Protest against new MDA licensing indicates more options are needed

So, Aljunied voters face an interesting question:  Do they want to go back to “no option” PAP town council of the past or continue to vote for a WP town council with at least 4 options in 2016?

Like the netizens, the answer is quite obvious.

It is not surprised that bloggers and netizens are angry with the new MDA licensing. It is telling the whole world we are going back to the old regime of controlled press and media with one option. While we already know we have options for alternative news and opinions.   

We are prepared to have all these nonsenses when we vote for WP

In 2011 GE, it was a child thinking to assume that there was no nonsense or nuisance if WP won Aljunied GRC. Aljunied voters had been pressurized to think twice of the consequence. They know too well the warnings and threats Hougang voters received from the PAP.

From the AIMgate to the recent hawkers’ dispute, voters here are psychologically prepared for all these nonsenses and nuisances.  And we are expecting more to come.

Compare this to the new MDA licensing again. What you will see the right things will be the MND report on AIM, the NEA side of story, the original version of Population White Paper and many others like the (not real) wage increase, (unaffordable) housing, education, health etc.

Without alternative news and analysis, without social media, and with only the main stream media, you will have no option at all.

The case of colour options in Aljunied reminds us the importance of options, alternatives and choices.  The government cannot assume it is doing the right thing without proper consultation and feedback from the people.  Its decision on making the right things for the people is a past tense.

Just imagine if Aljunied GRC were still under the PAP management, the right thing they will do is to choose the right colours for the residents.  And then they proudly claim that this is the product of their group thinking after getting feedbacks from the people.

So, remember if you really want to have options for alternative news and analysis, you will have to vote like the voters in Aljunied, Hougang and Punggol East.

At least, you are telling the PAP you know (and decide) the right things and not the imposed PAP right things.

What do you think? Options for alternatives or no option likes the PAP.  

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