Saturday, 22 September 2018


The recent election at the Singapore Table Tennis Association shows not only the ugly side of PAP politics but also the questions of future Singapore, meritocracy, equal and fair competition, accountability, check and balance. 

This dirty table tennis is just a small mirror reflecting the ugly politics of the PAP. They just want to control every organisations in Singapore and must sure there is no alternative.  

If you worry about the future of table tennis in Singapore, judging from the STTA election, you should be more worry about the future of Singapore.

STTA election is just an iceberg of the problem. The bigger problem is the monopoly politics of the PAP and how one party rule will produce a weaker Singapore.

In the sea level, you see the mainstream media giving positive reporting about the STTA election. While below the sea level, you see the facebook reporting of Tan Kai Kok. Tan explained the dirty politics of the election, for example, inviting to coffee sessions, taxation investigation, discredit opponents, and even threat.
(please refer to Tan’s facebook for details)

This shows the PAP government is so immature, so lack of confidence, so greedy in controlling everything in Singapore. Nearly 60 years in power, they never change but become more insecure. Why?

Senior citizens, whether Chinese educated or English educated, are voicing out their disagreements with the PAP government. They dare to question the government when they see something not right. Although in a small step, they care about the future of Singapore, just like Tan Cheng Bock. They love Singapore so they want to share their stories, like Tan Kai Kok.

We have seen the happenings in Malaysia. A change of government saves Malaysia. Only Singaporeans can save Singapore!

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