Sunday, 28 January 2018

How to trust you if you are not ready

G4 leadership

How to trust you if you are not ready

G4 PM, which way to go or still undecided?
Looking at the development at the so-called 4th generation PAP leadership and guessing who is the Prime Minister is not only a joke but clearly showing the indecisiveness of them. Their joint statement and PM Lee’s announcement of no immediate or change of appointment of the DPM mean, and confirm, Singapore is at a cross road – those capable cannot take over and those incapable will take over in a hurry. What a well planned succession! They are wondering what to do. They are afraid of the future as do Singaporeans. We are a high cost country but they are not enough high paying and good quality job. We need foreigners but.... Like all of us, they may not have the skills to face the future. It will be costly for any misstep or any mistake. They know it but they are not ready to face it. G4 PAP leaders are too afraid to face the future. It is different from Goh Chok Tong who has a capable senior minister ready to step in when things turn bad. G4 PM will have a senior minister who is …. What are they afraid of? First, like all of us, they don’t know the actual amount of reserve, GIC, Temasek, and CPF. How are they going to justify if there is a huge discrepancy? Or, do they just take the figures as their face value and accept everything given to them? Whoever take over the appointment of PM will have to answer to a very demanding social media and possible stronger oppositions? Second, their continuing group thinking will make them a normal CEO or a normal cabinet team. We have seen examples in MRT, PE2017, school planning, and even at Keppel O & M the management even engages in corruption. G4 leaders are not smarter than their peers in private sector or even in civil service. They know too well their positions and high salary are created through our protected political environment but how do they face the reality when they take over the government? Third, gaining the trust versus asking for trust show how weak they are. G4 leaders ask Singaporeans to trust them as they need time to plan for the future Singapore. Heng Swee Kiat, the potential PM hints that he is neither Santa Claus nor Robin Hood. So, who is he really? Left, right, center or middle? Santa Claus has supporters so do Robin Hood. No wonder G4 leaders only ask you to trust them. They are not interested to gain your trust and confidence. Fourth, where do we get the marginal gain? Singapore is one of the highest GDP per capital countries in the world. Any margin gain in GDP will need to match with innovation, productivity, population increase, or unfortunately (overseas) corruption. The future model will be different. G4 leaders and their advisers know it or at least have been informed about it. But they don’t know how to face it and worst they are not open for discussion. Some suggest facing this kind of G4 quality leaders we should all migrate. But where can we go? Singapore is our home. Alternatively, we can make a change. We can vote them out. They are not better than the oppositions in term of quality and not mention their committment.

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