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‘Double’ Endurance, Timing, Cooling-off, And Brexit.

‘Double’ Endurance, Timing, Cooling-off, And Brexit.

Zhang Liang meeting Huang Shigong and the wisdom of Taoism. []

Endurance is not a one-time endurance. It can be double endurance or endurance ^power of n. (一忍再忍). Besides endurance, timing and opportunity (时与机) are important considerations too.

The following video explains endurance and timing in the famous Zhang Liang meeting Huang Shigong story.

[Cooling-off Day]

In a Market Based Authoritarian Regime likes Singapore, the government can set up many traps  
to catch the oppositions or social activists.

Image result for traps The Way may look even. When you notice the trap, it may be too late.     

Image result for manholes

Sometimes, they just accidentally remove the cover of the manhole. Hence, the Way is not only uneven. It is full of obstacles. You are patient and careful enough with endurance. But you forget the timing. 

Cooling-off day requirement for general election or by-election works like a trap or a manhole. Double endurance is needed. This is also a timing issue which creates opportunity for cooling-off day issues.  

[Brexit - a trap? a manhole?]   

United Kingdom’s PM David Cameron promised to hold a Brexit referendum once he won his second term last year. He was so confident that he thought endurance and timing/opportunity were at his side.

Why he failed?

His endurance becomes the double endurance of the Leave camp. Why did we leave the EU  and other Brexit FAQs

PM Cameron failed to see the trap and he even removes the cover of the Remain manhole himself.

The lessons for Singaporeans are:

  • There is a clear difference between a market based authoritarian regime and a democracy.
  • The difference between a short and long campaign period. It can change the feng-shui of endurance and timing/opportunity.
  • In Taoism, when you fail, it means people are against you. 52% vs.48% indicates 4% more voters are against ‘Remain’.  
  • If a political party allows two different and opposing views, it will creates more endurance and timing issues. Both Labor and Conservative parties are facing leadership challenges, while UKIP and SNP do not have this problem.     
  • Endurance and timing is a game changer in UK. There are many ways to expose the trap and manhole. But in Singapore, the PAP has full control of the game.  It will be difficult to break the PAP Way and feng-shui.  

In a short brief, the PAP is showing concerns, worry and expressing uncertainty ahead.  However, internally, they are laughing at the British democracy that allows endurance and timing to work against themselves. As we all know the PAP only allows ‘ownself check ownself’.

Saturday, 25 June 2016




英国脱欧短期内对世界会造成冲击,但是,这不过是茶杯里的风暴而已。正如美国经济学家Paul Krugman说的,英磅下跌和金融市场的危机在经过调整后,会恢复过来。英磅下跌没有70年代,90年代那么厉害。

paul krugam.png








  • 地球上已经没有新大陆了。
  • 欧洲的海洋经济思维,从希腊,罗马,再到哥伦布发现新大陆,殖民地,黑奴,最后表演了英国脱欧这出戏。

  • 日本经济产业省2016年版的《通商白皮书》,对日本的出口结构过于依赖向北美市场出口汽车的现状敲响了警钟。白皮书分析称,在高新技术产品的出口方面, 日本正在被中国赶超。

  • 美国,加拿大在东西两岸火车互通后,经济政治,高度发展。这其实是从海洋思维转型到大陆思维。从普通火车到高铁,经济发展将会是一个什么概念?

  • 一带一路利用高铁,进一步提升大陆思维。而英国脱欧,却加速欧盟向东发展,配合中国和印度的崛起。






Thursday, 23 June 2016

Beyond endurance, there is a Way!


Singapore is a Chinese majority city state. The Chinese DNA always consists of Confucian and Taoist philosophy (儒道互补). In a broader definition, educated Chinese have three teachings (儒释道) of Confucianism, (T/)Daoism and Chinese Buddhism.

One may wonder, after 50 years of bilingual education and English (/Singlish) as our first language, whether Singapore Chinese still have these DNAs. Yes. I think so, perhaps, the word ‘Endurance’ indicating such a DNA.

The PAP government stresses our Asian origins and promotes Confucianism amongst Chinese Singaporeans. However, in many ways, they are practising ‘Legalist’ (法) administration. In the above picture, the police was shown raiding the house of Teo Soh Lung after the Election Department filed a complaint to the police about her by-election offence.

The details were well reported in mainstream and social media.

In the name of Confucianism, the PAP government and the police are acting like a ‘Legalist’ - imposing strict law even without proper identification.

In defence, political and social activists can only endure such actions helplessly, effortlessly.

[Beyond endurance]

Endurance (忍) appears in the Three teachings (儒释道).

In Chinese history, Confucianism and Taoism always compliment each others (儒道互补). All ancient Chinese scholars had these personalities. Even in communist China or democratic Taiwan, political leaders there still maintain these characters. When one is appointed an official, his Confucian personality appears. When one is down or demoted, his Daoist (or Buddhist) character shows up.

Throughout Chinese history, Taoism always goes side-by-side with Confucianism. Sometimes they act in concert but sometimes they compete against each other.

[Does it matter to Singapore politics?]

Singaporean Chinese, even the young ones who are less hungry (claimed by DPM Tharman), still have these Ru-Dao (儒道) personalities. Legalistic Confucianism as practised by the PAP can be seen everywhere everyday and needs no further explanations. It represents the ‘Yang’.

And Taoism represents the “Yin” - nature (environment), mothers (Mother’s Day), baby (Children’s Day), ‘Kiasi’, weak, soft, etc. It can also extend to activities like Tai Chi, traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese temples (religious Taoism), etc.

So, Daoism is not foreign to Singaporeans. It provides alternative way or opposite way. It even offers a third way (right, wrong and in between).  

The PAP has already occupied the ‘Yang’ activities. Singaporeans do believe the PAP can deliver and the oppositions cannot match them.  Continuing using ‘Yang’ tactics, e.g. better policies, better management, will be less effective in attracting votes.

There was a time the PAP neglected their grassroots and feedbacks from Singaporeans. However, it now shifts to democratic socialism, towards the ‘Yin’. They seem to adopt Confucianism-Daoism complementary. (儒道互补)

Is there a room for oppositions in Singapore? Besides endurance, what can oppositions do?  The PAP will always be a ‘Yang’ party and engages in ‘top-down’ approaches. To offer different things, oppositions may have to offer ‘Yin’ solutions and ‘bottom-up’ approaches. However, it is not an easy task. Voters believe the PAP can shift from right to left and then back to centre. They don’t believe the oppositions can do the same.     

Singaporean’s pragmatism will always give the PAP an edge over oppositions even voters know the election is not a fair game . Moral judgement, value judgement, checks and balances will be assessed in a practical way.

Besides endurance, retreat, re-think, regroup and even absent (meditation) are some ‘ways’ to consider. It needs wisdom as Dao (the Way) is a higher Chinese philosophical thinking.

[Does it matter to new WP leadership?]  

The long-term survival and sustainability of a political party is whether it is represented in the parliament. A long period of absence will make the political party irrelevant.

The recent election of Workers’ Party leadership is not so much of whether it is a democratic election or not. It is a matter of survival, sustainability and expansion.

Whoever leads the WP will have to find the Way for the party, for Singapore.  Look at the Sarawak state election and the twin by-elections in Malaysia, it is really not an easy way. 


The traditional way of grassroots activities, like legal talk, one-day tour may not be enough.  How can we find a better and alternative way? More people will have to contribute their brains and sacrifice their time to help the oppositions. Is this a dream or a way?

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

英国脱欧, 加速终结西方垄断世界政治、经济、文化的格局



在人类过去的两千年历史中, 西方世界只有在哥伦布发现新大陆后,才开始兴起。在这之前,罗马帝国曾经在地中海一带称霸。















文化科技是一种广泛,由下而上的bottom-up运动。使用者最多,广而深,一呼百应,说变就变。在21世纪,偏偏就是人类的最爱。你拍路边的小吃,生动吸引人的话,一下子就传开来了,不然,Alice Fong 和洪素珠,Bryan Lim,怎么会一下子就成网络红人。





Monday, 13 June 2016

Social Divide: From Singapore’s Alice Fong To Taiwan’s Hung Su-chu (洪素珠)

Social Divide: From Singapore’s Alice Fong To Taiwan’s Hung Su-chu (洪素珠)

hate culture.jpg

The Singapore story

Many years ago, then Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong aimed to make Singapore a Gracious Society. However, from the infamous story of Alice Fong, it proves we are really very far away from the gracious society. Goh’s Marine Parade GRC teammate, Minister for Social and Family Development Tan Chuan-Jin commented in his Facebook that he has slammed the woman, Alice Fong, who shouted at the deaf-mute foodcourt cleaner. Mr Tan said, “whether you have flu or not, or if a person is disabled or not, one shouldn’t have behaved in the way the woman did. Respect our fellow workers.” Tan also reminded Singaporeans to be conscious how we interact with one another.

Is this enough?

It sounds like another calling of Gracious Society. But it has not touched on the basic philosophy: hate culture and social divide. As I have explained in previous post on ‘Chinese Helicopter’ that the PAP has consistently promoting a social divide and hate culture.  In the early time of independence, they targeted the Chinese educated Singaporeans. This leads to the emergence of ‘Chinese Helicopter’. After the PAP has successfully tackled the Chinese educated problem, they shift their focus to English educated Singaporeans, first the pro-workers student leaders, then the so-called “Marxist Conspiracy”. When they import more and more foreigners, they shift the target to local Singaporeans who ‘are lazy, not hungry enough, demand freedom, liberal, high pay, want transparency…’.

There is no stopping of ‘hate’ promotion in Singapore.  Always in Singapore society, if you act against the PAP, you are subject to some kinds of discrimination - academic  failures (e.g ITE), political failures (like Chee Soon Juan), or not up to standard as compared to foreigners, etc.  

The Taiwan story

Hung Su-chu is now the public enemy number one in Taiwan. Both the ruling party, Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and the oppositions criticized her.  Here is her story in brief:

[The clip, posted on Facebook on Thursday by Hung Su-chu (洪素珠), a contributor to the People Post (PeoPo) citizen journalist platform operated by Public Television Service (PTS), shows Hung chasing an elderly Mainlander man at the 228 Memorial Park in the southern port city.
Off screen, Hung asks the man why he came to Taiwan. The man responds that he came in 1950 with his parents. Hung then starts yelling at the Chinese man and accuses Mainlanders of living off the Taiwanese. After she tells him he should go back to China, the man responds, “I live here, I have an identification card of the Republic of China.”
“I work here, and have contributed to this land,” he continues. “Why would I go back?”
“I do not want you Chinese people in Taiwan,” she screams.]

Political motivated ‘hate and social divide’ in Singapore

Alice Fong incident will likely be a non-event after a few months. The PAP social engineering machinery, through both mainstream media and social media, will have the capability to accomplish the job. However, will the political motivated ‘hate and social divide’ go away? Most likely not.

So do the DPP in Taiwan.

Relatively speaking our ‘hate’ situation is still not as bad as in Taiwan. However, the Taiwan experience serves as a reminder to Singaporeans. Political parties, searching for power like DPP or fighting to remain in power like the PAP or UNMO, will always like to engage in ‘hate’ and ‘social divide’ political campaigns.    

For this, we must give credit to Singapore oppositions, especially the main political parties, like Workers’ Party or Singapore Democratic Party.  They are always subjected to the ‘hate’ campaigns, for example, failures, inexperience, lack of management skills, infighting, never consider long-term interest, scoring political points, polarization etc.

On the contrary, Singapore oppositions seldom fight back with the same ‘hate’ messages. Perhaps, thanks to the PAP, they are limited by media exposure due to the press control in Singapore?  


Wednesday, 8 June 2016

10 Examples of Market Based Authoritarian Regime

10 Examples of Market Based Authoritarian Regime

Image result for cpf logo
You make contributions, the government decides on distributions.
Image result for LTA COE logo
The government controls the quantity, you decide the price.
Image result for HDB logo
The government fits the supply, you have options to buy or not to buy.
Image result for singapore telecoms market
The government creates artificial competitions, you choose amongst the three GLCs.
Image result for moe singapore logo
Every school is a good school, you have options for supplementary tuitions.
Image result for election dept singapore
The government draws the constituency boundaries, oppositions can then decide where to stand.  
The government defines cardboard collection as an exercise, you can choose not to join them.  
The government controls the number of beds in public hospitals, but you can go to private hospitals or JB for treatments.
Image result for upgrading in singapore politics
The government offers upgrading programs and you vote for them.
Image result for "The Government's general position has always been that foreign entities ... "Pink Dot SG started off first and foremost as a platform on which
Singapore domestic affairs is a closed economy, external market forces are not allowed in this monopoly.

#Photos from Internet

#For Market based Authoritarian Regime:

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一句“arrestable offence”, 就可以无需搜查令进入屋内,带走个人物品。原来警方一接到选举局的投诉,就已经认定这是”serious breaches of the rules”#1, 想好下一步要什么做了。




police search teo

Roy NgerngYouTube)






(CJ Menon said Singapore's fidelity to the rule of law has "coexisted comfortably" with an emphasis on communitarian - involving dialogue, tolerance, compromise and placing the community before self - over individualist values.)


(The CJ said: "In the final analysis, the robustness of a nation's rule of law framework depends greatly on how the other branches view the judiciary and whether it, in turn, is able and willing to act honestly, competently and independently.")


事实上,这篇报道的标题是:政府的承诺对法律法制尤为重要。(Commitment of Government critical for rule of law)


第三个例子,说出来都不好意思。我们大家都知道,就是说不出口。为什么我们只听到来自新加坡的好消息?(Why there is only good news from Singapore.)



这位经济师形容这是历史上最成功的“以市场经济为主导的威权专制政体” (market based authoritarian regime)。 除非我们打破’这个政府只需要预定价格,其他人跟着服从的制度‘,不然,我们的命运就是如此这般 - 继续听着好消息。无奈的等待行动党对新加坡、新加坡人的命运安排。


一方面当权者的权力不断的扩大,另一方面,国人对于本身的权利,却自愿放弃,自我克制,自己审查自己(不是PAP’s self checks 行动党自己审查自己).





Teens may not know their legal rights  Teen death in Yishun raises issue  AsiaOne Singapore News.png