No more smooth riding in public opinions or views (umbrage, snowflake, badge, Southasia/India, racism, GST, …) The PAP’s Challenge: Difficult (说难)to say properly (说符)

From Systematic bias against minorities, Systematic bias against Chinese educated persons. To Systematic bias against Singaporeans The bias keeps on expanding and only a United Singaporean Front can solve it.

不平等。 贫富不均。 是后冠病时代的最大挑战。 2008年国际金融危机的后遗症,现在有可能一次解决吗? 新加坡的命运又如何?

Is it Impossible to Right Lee Kuan Yew’s Wrong? Succession, Population, Bilingualism, Affordable Housing, and Media Merger... Can our world class universities produce statesmen to right the wrong?

Cognitive Dissonance 1, 2, 3... This is how the PAP gets your support and wins your votes!

南亚、科兴疫苗 政治误判还是特意为之? 不同新公民不同待遇?

The Broader definition of ‘Meritocracy’ and ‘Singapore core’ means the PAP is no longer the A team. The achievement of the dishonorable son. 民穷财尽 Citizens no money 民穷才尽 PAP no talents

Gap between “the Super-rich and Us” Before Covid-19: Large After Covid-19: EXtra Large

君贵民轻 诸事不顺 唯利是图 思维失真

Opposition politics. From Terence Soon to Tan Cheng Bock. It is hard for older politicians. It is even harder for young politicians.