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What is a Government’s time? What is “without basis”?



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Lessons from Indian Innovations

India offers different innovation approaches that Singapore can learn from. Her grassroots and inclusive innovations are very unique and worth to consider. As the Indian initiative heavily involves Information Technology, let’s begin the discussion on Indian Stack.       [Indian Stack and Internet Access] To make its IT network more secure, the Singapore government has begun a programme to restrict public servants’ internet access on workstations. It was announced by the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) of Singapore on 8 June 2016. By May 2017, public service officers across all Singapore government agencies, ministries and statutory boards will have internet access “separate” from their computers. (1) In the name of internet security, we are willing to sacrifice productivity, perhaps, innovations and creativity too.  Is this a good solution?   Let’s look at India. India Stack is a complete set of API for developers and includes the Aadhaar for Authentication (Aadhaa

Sub-standard PAP and the Singapore education system

I make a 'policy shift' when I hear the debate of right politics, constructive politics and sub-standard opposition. My original aim is to discuss about “Su Dongbo, Zhang Juzheng and Singapore education system”. The discussion will end with a sub-standard PAP, in particular from the assessment of the quality of PAP potential candidates. Another policy shift is to discuss it like a play, a drama and make it more entertainment rather than a sub-standard political discussion. Act 1 Gangster’s demand Imagine a sense in the Hong Kong's gangster movie (or a godfather movie), the gangsters' master is shouting at his poor opponent and demand him to give a price for his wrong act. The poor guy without any resources can only offer his body or his service to work for the master. Back in his own chamber, the master is still not satisfied and continues to shout 'don't play, play, you think you are hero, you think you are tiger, or superstar or acting